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  • What instruments do you teach?
    We offer music lessons for piano, guitar, voice, drums, violin. Try us out with Worry-Free Free Trial Lesson!
  • Could I schedule a trial lesson with my teacher before signing up?
    We understand that you may want to try out our lessons before making any commitment. That's why we offer free trial lessons with no commitment required! Click HERE to schedule your no-risk, no-commitment trial lesson today. We're excited to see what you can achieve with us!
  • Do I need to bring my instrument to the trial lesson?
    That's right! You're always welcome to bring your instrument to your lessons, but if you'd rather not, that's totally okay too. For In Home Music Lessons, you will be required to provide instruments such as piano/keyboard or drums. However, small instruments such as the guitar or violin could be provided if you request them before the trial lesson! For In Studio Lessons at our lab located in Chino, you aren’t required to bring your own instruments for your trial lesson. However, it’s highly recommended to have your own instruments once you decide to take lessons! We will help you and provide recommendations on which instrument to purchase based on your need and budget!
  • Do you accept beginners?
    Absolutely! We have many students who start lessons with us as beginners, so you're in good company.
  • Do you offer In-Studio and In-Home lessons?
    We've got you covered! We offer both in-studio and in-home lessons to suit your individual needs and situation. So whichever option you prefer, we've got the flexibility to make it work for you.
  • Where is the Studio located?
    Our Chino Music Lab can be found at 11255 Central Ave. Ontario, CA 91762 We can't wait to welcome you here.
  • Is parking available at the Studio?
    Absolutely! We have a designated parking spot just for you, and there are also plenty of other free and safe parking options available nearby. So you can relax and enjoy your lesson without any worries about parking.
  • What is the commitment once I register?
    We believe in flexibility, so there are no long-term commitments required! All of our students enroll on a month-to-month basis, giving you the freedom to learn at your own pace and make changes to your schedule as needed.
  • How often do lessons take place?
    All of our programs come with one lesson per week, but we're always happy to work with you if you need more! Whether you want to accelerate your progress or simply enjoy more time with your instructor, we'll find a schedule that fits your needs. Just let us know, and we'll take care of the rest!
  • Should I choose a 30, 45, or 60 minute lesson?
    To ensure the best learning experience for our students, we typically recommend 30-minute lessons for kids ages 7 and younger, 45-minute lessons for kids ages 8 and up, and 60-minute lessons for teenage and adult students. Of course, we understand that everyone has unique needs and preferences, so we're happy to work with you to find the perfect lesson length for you or your child.
  • Do I need to purchase books or other materials for my lessons?
    You don't have to worry about purchasing any books or materials before your lessons, as we've got you covered! Your teacher may recommend certain books or materials that would be helpful for your lessons, but there's no obligation to purchase them. We're here to make your learning experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible, and we'll always be happy to answer any questions you may have about lesson materials.
  • What is the "Next Level Program?"
    Our “Next Level" program is inspired by the martial arts belt system. With 10 levels of achievement, each featuring 10 songs and customized challenges from your music instructor, “Next Level Program” is designed to make the learning process more fun, motivating, and structured. Plus, it's a great way to showcase your progress to parents and loved ones. We can't wait to help you reach the “Next Level”
  • Can I observe my child's lessons?
    We believe in transparency and encourage parents to participate in their child's learning journey. That's why we have an open-door policy, which means you're welcome to join your child's lesson at any time, either in person or via Zoom! Plus, at Chino Music Studio, we have a cozy couch, complementary coffee and snacks for our observers. So come on in, make yourself comfortable, and enjoy the show!
  • What's your make up lesson credit policy?
    According to Vibrant Music Lab's policy, make up lesson credits will be granted if the parent/guardian/student provides at least 24 hours advance notice to Vibrant Music Lab and the instructor. This can be done by filling out the absence form on and informing the instructor. Upon receiving the advanced notice, the parent/guardian/student will communicate with the instructor to mutually agree on a suitable date and time for the make-up lesson. This ensures that both parties can coordinate their schedules effectively Please note that the maximum number of make-up lessons allowed per month is two. This policy is in place to ensure a fair distribution of make-up lessons while maintaining the consistency of the regular lesson schedule. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to these make up lesson guidelines. Our aim is to provide a balanced and accommodating approach to rescheduling missed lessons, while ensuring the smooth operation of our music education programs.
  • What's your termination or withdrawal policy?
    TERMINATION OR WITHDRAWAL POLICY 1. Notice of Termination or Withdrawal: a. If a student wishes to terminate or withdraw from lessons, they must provide written notice to Vibrant Music Lab, indicating their intention to terminate or withdraw. b. The notice should include the effective date of termination or withdrawal, which should be at least 2 weeks from the date of notification. 2. Refunds or Credits: a. In the case of termination or withdrawal, there will be no refunds or credits for unused lessons or prepaid fees, except under exceptional circumstances determined at the discretion of Vibrant Music Lab. b. Any outstanding fees or payments due at the time of termination or withdrawal must be settled before the termination or withdrawal becomes effective. 3. Make-up Lessons: a. If a termination or withdrawal notice is received within the notice period, any scheduled lessons during that period will be honored, and make-up lessons can be arranged if necessary. 4. Re-Enrollment: a. If a student wishes to re-enroll after terminating or withdrawing from lessons, they will be subject to the availability of the instructor and may need to complete a new registration process. 5. Instructor Changes: a. Vibrant Music Lab reserves the right to assign a different instructor to the student in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as instructor unavailability or changes in teaching assignments. Such changes will be communicated to the student or parent in advance. 6. Violation of Policies: a. Vibrant Music Lab reserves the right to terminate lessons and withdraw a student's enrollment in the event of repeated violations of the terms and conditions, disruptive behavior, or any actions that pose a risk to the safety or well-being of the instructor or other students.


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